Praying for the Church of England

7.30pm 2 February 2023 – We are gathering on Zoom to pray for the House of Bishops as they consider the LLF report and discern what next steps to commend to General Synod in February 2023.

Please join us to pray for the Church of England: 

  • nationally as we pray for our bishops and General Synod and also for the Church of England Evangelical Council, 
  • regionally as we pray for the appointment of a new Bishop of Birmingham, 
  • locally as we pray for the individual parishes represented that evening.

The meeting will close at 8.30pm.

This opportunity to pray is especially timely as it follows the next meeting of the College of Bishops and comes just a few days before General Synod meets.
Meeting ID: 873 3438 6046
Passcode: 960439