Engaging with Living in Love and Faith

9:30am 11 February 2021

Speakers: Andrew & Lis Goddard
Starts: 9.30am on Zoom
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You are welcome to join us for all or part of the meeting.

Welcome (Chris Hobbs)
Short Biblical Reflection
(Lis Goddard)

Introducing LLF (Andrew Goddard)
An overview of LLF with time for questions and discussion.

10.30 Break

Engaging with LLF (Lis)
A general practical discussion of how best to be involved in the LLF discernment process in your parish, deanery, diocese or some other structure. (Please watch the video The Beautiful Story in advance – 30 minutes.)

11.30 Break

The national scene and prayer (Andrew & Lis)
An update on the work of the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC), and then praying together for one another’s ministries, networks, CEEC & Birmingham DEF, and the church’s mission and ministry.

Closing prayer (Chris)

Andrew and Lis Goddard are both on the Church of England Evangelical Council.  Lis is vicar of St James the Less in Pimlico, a member of General Synod, and Chair of the Junia Network (formerly known as AWESOME) for ordained evangelical women in the Church of England.  Andrew is an assistant minister at St James the Less, teaches ethics at Ridley Hall and Westminster Theological Centre, and was on the Co-ordinating Group of Living in Love and Faith.